Build Your Own Sidekick-Inspired Mobile Raspberry Pi Computer

Do you long for the days of your Sidekick, arguably one of the best-worst-greatest phones to ever hit the market? NODE shows you how to build a mobile Raspberry Pi machine that should help with that longing as long as you don’t care about the actual phone part.

MaxView Is A Lightning-Fast Portable Image Viewer

MaxView Is A Lightning-Fast Portable Image Viewer

Windows only: FastStone MaxView is a portable image viewer. We’ve covered other efficient and lightweight FastStone applications before, such as PhotoResizer, and MaxView doesn’t disappoint. Weighing in at 1.8 MB, MaxView is an excellent flash drive addition for quick viewing of common image formats (JPEG,.GIF, BMP, TIFF,.PNG, etc.) as well…


Lifehacker alumnist Rick Broida has blogged about how to use a cheapy HDD enclose to turn your old laptop hard drive into a portable USB drive: “For 11 bucks you can get yourself a terrific little portable hard drive for transferring files, on-the-fly backups, and so on. Sweet.”