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  • What’s Happening in Nigeria?

    What’s Happening in Nigeria?

    After a winter of ongoing protests over police violence — including the murders of George Floyd and Breonna Taylor — greater numbers of people are starting to understand the facets of systemic racism. Of course, it’s not only an issue in the United States, and over the past two weeks protests in Nigeria over police…

  • Why You Should Support A Cause With A Monthly Donation

    If you are in a position to donate money to organisations aimed at addressing police violence or systemic racism, consider making your donation a recurring, monthly one rather than a single lump sum. Over the course of a year, a small monthly donation can add up to a lot more than a one-time donation, while…

  • Let’s Abolish The Police Force

    Abolishing the police—or at the very least, significantly defunding them, to the point they are only a minimal presence in our communities—might sound like a radical and far-fetched solution to systemic police violence. Who would you call if someone stole your car or broke into your house? What if you were a victim of a…

  • How To Protest During A Pandemic

    Avoiding large gatherings is part of how we’ve tried to stay safe for the past few months, but protests have something in common with hospital services and (apparently) takeout margaritas: They’re essential to our well-being as a society.