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Not to long ago, my cat started throwing up a lot. After expensive tests and X-rays, it turned out she just had a minor thyroid condition. The tests weren't a bad idea, but they did make me second guess my relationship with my vet. If you're looking for a new vet or just curious if your current one is right, here's what you should know.


As the weather heats up, Australian households won’t just be cranking up the air conditioning for themselves. Some households will be turning it on for their dogs or cats. We look at some ways to keep your pets happy and hydrated without relying entirely on your AC.


Some dog breeds have more health problems than others -- we've created so many weird shapes 'n' sizes through controlled breeding that genetic ailments are inevitable. If you have your heart set on a particular type of dog, it's important to be aware of these potential health issues so you can give your pet the best possible care. This infographic looks at common health conditions in 25 popular breeds; from breathing problems in Bulldogs to hip dysplasia in German Shepherds.


iOS/Android: Pets -- they're just like us! Well, sort of. They're hairier and their breath smells worse, but they have vital records, just like we do, and Pawprint makes sure you keep track of all of those records in one spot.