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Getting a pet is a significant responsibility. Our family has been wanting to get a dog for some time but a combination of circumstances meant we had to delay that decision. But we tracked a couple of different puppy adoption agencies waiting for the right dog to appear. Here's the process we went through.


No one goes into pet ownership expecting to have to give up their animal companion, but sometimes unexpected life changes make the decision unavoidable. As someone who was forced to relinquish a dog in the past, the emotions of loss, guilt and heartbreak are overwhelming.

That, combined with the implied time constraint, can make you overlook key steps in the rehoming process. It’s hard, but it doesn’t have to be as stressful as it seems. With some proper steps taken beforehand, you can reduce the likelihood you have to surrender your pet. If keeping your furry companion isn’t an option, you can follow these tips to make sure they find a home that is both amenable and accommodating to your animal.


We all know the mantra: "Adopt, don't shop." While many shelter dogs are amazing, loving, happy pets, you might end up picking a dog that doesn't fit what you're looking for -- and you may not realise it until you've already signed the adoption papers. Here's what to do if you end up in this situation.