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In a very simple version of the “tipping point” theory, a new paper says that in groups of anywhere from 100 to 100,000, just 25 to 31 per cent of the group can set a new behavioural norm for the whole group. This finding is drawn from just one study using online participants, so its results shouldn’t be exaggerated, but it at least shows a consistent pattern in how a minority of group members can change the mind of a majority.


Whether it’s getting your partner to do more housework or making your colleagues back your latest idea, we all end up spending a considerable amount of time trying to persuade or even manipulate others.

So can science offer any clever tricks to get people to do what we want, without resorting to bullying them? It’s complicated, but some 30 years of psychological research suggests there might just be a few methods that are worth a try.


Jimmy Fallon may be a polarising figure on the internet, but he can bring in the ratings. Some believe he's fake, while others are drawn to his charisma. This video breaks down how to emulate that charisma on your own.


There was a time when Snopes was the most trusted mythbuster on the internet. Whatever dumb or funny or shocking thing you were laughing at, if somebody posted a Snopes link, the laughing stopped. You'd been had. Thanks, Snopes.