The Easiest Way To Peel Whole Pearl Onions

The Easiest Way To Peel Whole Pearl Onions

You can buy pearl onions in several forms: raw and in a bag, peeled and frozen, or peeled and pickled in a jar. All have their uses. Purchasing them raw and unpeeled gives you the most freedom, but you have to peel them, and peeling a tiny onion is not…

How To Peel And Slice A Mango

Video: My love for mangoes is deep and eternal, but there is no denying that they are slippery little buggers, which makes them a pain to peel. Fortunately, there are two easy ways to peel the gorgeous, golden fruit, neither of which require any single-use, fruit-specific tools.

Remove Hazelnut Skins Easily With A Cooling Rack

Hazelnuts may be delicious little morsels of nutty flavour, perfect for topping cakes, sprinkling on salads, and eating out of hand, but they can be kind of a pain to peel. Luckily, Justin Chapple has a super easy method for separating hazelnuts from their skins; you just need a cooling…