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After missing the boat on the mobile hardware and software transformation of last decade, and then suffering a massive blow when they were sued over patent infringements, BlackBerry is fighting back and suing Facebook saying they copied technology and features from BlackBerry Messenger.


Microsoft has filed a bunch of patents for devices that tap into your brain functions to allow you to control your computer. Form moving objects on a screen, to modifying an applications state to changing the user interface, these patents, which were filed over the last year or so, have just been published and point to a future where manual control a device will seem completely foreign.


For the last 18 years, Amazon has benefited from the ludicrousness of the US patent system. While the idea of 1-Click online checkouts wasn't new back in the 90s, they were smart enough to patent the concept and enforce their rights as the patent holder.

As a result, anyone using a 1-Click checkout system has been paying them a royalty. That enforcement made barnesandnoble.com change their old 1-Click process to add more steps rather than pay the fee. But that patent expires today.