Why You Should Be Grilling Your Doughnuts This Summer

Photo by smedero. Any day can be Doughnut Day if you try hard enough. Honestly though, I love any opportunity to talk about doughnuts, and would like to use this holiday to bring awareness to my favourite summer dessert: grilled doughnuts.

How To Know Which Egg Wash To Use

If you are a maker of pastry you probably have, at one point of another, lovingly brushed some buttery dough with a beaten egg, or some portion of an egg, never stopping to wonder why. (Or maybe you did wonder why. I’m not in your brain box.)

Three Tasty Tips For Better Pie Crust

No one needs an “excuse” to eat pie — pie should be eaten freely and with joy whenever the craving strikes — but yesterday was Pi Day (? Day), and we would be remiss if we didn’t celebrate.