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In a move that sounds convenient and a little terrifying, international travellers to Australia may not need a passport by 2020. Instead, our border security is looking to implement a biometric system that recognises faces, irises and/or fingerprints in place of printed IDs.


Dear Lifehacker, You recently discussed travelling with multiple passports, and I have a particular version of that issue. I have an Australian passport and Canadian permanent residency, which I obtained in September 2006. The permanent resident (PR) card expired in October 2011. I lived in Australia from November 2006 to April 2011 before going back to Canada. But I recently travelled to the US and found it difficult to return to Canada.


Dear Lifehacker, My husband and I both have Australian and EU passports. Next February we are traveling to Brazil, where Australian passport holders need a visa, but EU passport holders do not. Can we leave and enter Australia using our local passports, and use our EU passports to enter and leave Brazil, thus not needing visas? Cheers, Visa Value