What To Do When An Exercise Hurts

What To Do When An Exercise Hurts

Rest isn’t everything. While you may be tempted to stop exercising at the first twinge of pain, minor injuries can often heal while you keep training. You can also feel sore or hurt without any significant injury at all. So what should you do when you’re working out and something…

Do CBD Products Really Relax You?

Besides oils and tinctures, you can now consume CBD in the form of infused gummies, gourmet desserts, and even the seltzer offered at a certain boutique gynecology office. The marketing is definitely ahead of the science, so here’s what to know about the grains of truth behind the claims.

How To Rate Your Pain On A Scale Of 1 To 10

Tell anybody in a health care setting that you’re hurting, and they always want a number. “How bad is the pain on a scale of one to 10,” they ask, “where one is no pain, and 10 is the worst pain you can imagine?”