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US-centric: No doubt you already have a go-to tool for tracking your packages across the country, but weblog Digital Inspiration highlights a quick and simple tip for getting up-to-the date tracking info straight from the source: just email the shipping company. For example, send a blank-subject email with tracking numbers in the body to [email protected] or [email protected], and a few seconds later, you'll have a response with the latest status of your package. We've covered several tools for tracking your packages in the past, but this technique might come in particularly handy when you've got the tracking number in your inbox and you want a quick status update, particularly from a cell phone.

Know the Current Location of your FedEx or UPS Shipments Via Email


Windows only: FedEx QuickShip is a freeware Microsoft Outlook toolbar that integrates your Outlook address book with FedEx shipments. That means creating a new shipment is as easy as clicking Ship and choosing your contact's name from your address book. You can also track packages, check shipping rates, schedule pickups, find FedEx locations, and more with the FedEx toolbar. As Download Squad points out, the tool could use even tighter integration (for example, recognizing tracking numbers in emails), but if you do a lot of shipping at work and Outlook is your go-to email client, the QuickShip toolbar is a must-have. QuickShip is freeware, Windows only.


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One thing all future predictions have in common: they‘re rooted in our current understanding of how the world works. It‘s difficult to escape that mindset. We have no idea how technology will evolve, so our ideas are connected to the technology of today.


US-centric: Web site TrackMyShipments automatically tracks packages from any delivery company by examining the shipping email and adding any shipments to your tracking queue. It works like this: You sign up for TrackMyShipments, then forward any shipping confirmation email (you know, those "Your order has shipped" emails) to [email protected] The webapp identifies your email address and automatically detects the tracking number and company from your email, and starts tracking the package. Their site displays the status of the package and its current location on a map, and you can use it to set up email or SMS alerts for deliveries. With TrackMyShipments, keeping track of all your various packages is as simple as forwarding an email.



US-centric: Free web site TrackThePack offers an interface to simultaneously keep tabs on FedEx, DHL, and UPS packages. It sounds similar to previously mentioned PackTrack, but TrackThePack keeps your packages on its own page rather than moving you to the shipping companies' web sites. It currently tracks only the three major private package firms, and can save your all-in-one screen through a free account or by your IP address. For corporate workers and serious online gift shoppers, it could serve as a handy toollbar link.