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Sometimes, a requested work task isn't worth fulfilling. It could be a pointless waste of time, another department's responsibility or simply "one thing too many" when you're already overworked.

Unfortunately, refusing a directive from your colleague or manager is easier said than done; especially if you're shy or hate to rock the boat. This infographic outlines five ways to avoid extra tasks without feeling guilty.


You work for a big-name company that's on the up and up. You love what you do, your wage is good and your office is swanky. There's just one problem: your boss is the spiritual reincarnation of Kim Jong-il.


A picture doing the rounds claims to be the note presented to Apple employees on their first day at work. Would being told that you're about to do the kind of work that you'll want to "sacrifice a weekend for" make you feel like you'd arrived at your dream workplace, or would you run screaming for the hills?


Having internet access while on holidays can be handy for planning and leisure, but it also makes us more vulnerable to checking up on work at the same time. A survey suggests that many of us succumb to that temptation, with two-thirds saying they have taken advantage of technology to work during breaks.