Organise Your Life With Free Online Tools

Had the chance to recommend nine of my favourite free online organisers over at PC World this week. The list covers webapps that’ll be familiar to regular Lifehacker readers—like Remember the Milk, Backpack, Wesabe, and Sandy.

Find the Right Organiser for Your Photos

Tech blog rounds up the features and advantages of 16 different photo management tools, including Picasa, CompuPic Pro, Nero PhotoShow, and others. Beyond just helping you find and rename your pics, however, are tools like Image Dupeless, which compares image pixel content to find duplicate photos, whether they’re resized,…

Blackberry to update multimedia features

The next version of the BlackBerry OS (expected later this month) will deliver video and voice recording features, according to a piece in APC mag. The updates affect the 8100 Pearl and the 8300 Curve. “OS 4.3.1 update lets the Curve record video onto a MiniSD card, with the Curve’s…