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I started running a year ago. I had just begun a new job after leaving my own startup. I was tired of being a founder and desperately needed a break. I wanted to have a calmer lifestyle and I wanted a hobby. Running seemed like a great choice for a hobby. As a computer programmer, my brain gets a great workout but my butt sits in a computer chair all day. I thought that a little bit of exercise would balance it out.


It's popular theory that many running injuries, especially when you're first starting out, have to do with pronation. How you pronate has to do with how you land your foot, and whether you roll it inward or outward. However, a new study suggests that pronation might have little to do with injury.


Smartphones have made it possible for us to replace single-purpose tracking devices with apps that do so much more. There are plenty of choices for both iPhone and Android users -- some are feature-rich with lots of stat-tracking, while others are fun games to distract you while you exercise. Let's have a look at the five best smartphone running apps.