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Changing the nappy of a baby who can stand is an exercise in swift reflexes and hope. There are many variables to factor in, including those pesky onesie flaps that dangle in the danger zone, if you know what I mean.

Here’s a trick to make the procedure much easier: Start by securing the onesie over one of your child’s shoulders, using the crotch snaps.


One evening, while his three-month-old son Charlie slept, Matt Coyne opened Facebook and typed a post listing his observations as a new father - how he's basically like a Formula One pit crew when changing diapers, how buttons on baby clothing are just evil (he'd much prefer tear-away velcro "based on strippers' trousers"), and how the only literature he's been able to read lately is half a pamphlet on breast pumps ("I keep falling asleep during the paragraph on 'nipple confusion'").

The hilariously honest post went viral, which pushed Coyne to start a blog, Man vs Baby, which led him to write a book based on the blog. Coyne, who now writes full time, talked to us about how he parents.