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When OnePlus arrived in Australia they began positioning themselves as providing a flagship product, that could match the best smartphones on the market, at a bargain price. The predecessor to the OnePlus 5T - the super quick, super powerful OnePlus 5 - released to critical acclaim, and with the suite of updates made to the OnePlus 5T, this could be the phone to lock the big dogs out of the yard.

Is the OnePlus 5T too good to be true? Or can it find a place beside the Apples and Samsungs of the world? Let's find out.

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Hi Lifehacker! I have a question for you, would love to get your expert advice. My Nexus 5x is still alive, but need to make an upgrade due to storage (16GB just doesn’t cut it these days…). Having been with a cheaper mid-range, I’m interested in what is the best out there at the moment?

I’m kind of leaning towards picking up a cheap Google Pixel seeing that prices are tumbling now the Pixel 2 is nearly here. What would you suggest?