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It's fair to say that the Rio Olympics didn't produce the results that the Australian Sport Commission was hoping for. The nation finished tenth on the medal table with a total medal haul of 29; our lowest finish at an Olympics since Barcelona in 1992. This was despite individual sports receiving tens of millions of dollars in taxpayer funding to boost our medal chances. This infographic breaks down precisely how much our Rio medal "haul" ended up costing Australians.


Once upon a time, the gold medals bestowed at the Summer Olympic Games were made of solid gold. Due to a significant increase in events, this is no longer the case. (If it was, the combined cost of gold medals at the Rio Olympics would have topped $17.5 million.) Instead, the chief material used in the construction of gold medals is fairly underwhelming. This infographic breaks down the composition and monetary value of Gold, Silver and Bronze medals.


Watching world-class competitors inspires the inner athlete in all of us. Sure, you could set a reminder to work out tomorrow, as you sit snacking on the couch. But why not use that inspiration immediately? Try these Olympics-inspired workouts, so you can get fit like a champion while you watch them in action.