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As a self-employed freelancer, keeping track of all the deadlines and other tasks I have can be challenging. On a typical day, I'm responsible for delivering content to three publishers, as well as corporate clients and other jobs. Throw in regular interstate travel and few other bits and pieces and planning a week becomes a challenging task. So, I've been experimenting with ways to be better organised and am trying a new approach. Here's what I've come up with.


Now that the non-Pro version of the iPad supports the Apple Pencil - the company's high-tech $145 stylus - you might be tempted to finally ditch the paper and pen and move to a fully electronic note-taking tool. So, I've been taking a look at apps that make the iPad into an electronic notepad. The first one I'm playing with is Notability - a $14.99 app that simulates the look of a notebook but adds some nifty high-tech features.