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I’m a huge fan of night or dark mode and have written a ton about different apps and extensions you can use to darken up your screen. Any dark mode enthusiast will tell you about how using your device with a dark background rather than a white one will save your eyes as well as your device’s battery power. This week Google took things a step further and talked about how much battery power you’re saving by going dark.


I'm a tremendous fan of night or "dark" modes for websites and apps. A darker background uses less battery power and is easier on your eyes than a bright white one. It's a win-win. I've written before about a few Chrome extensions that will let you turn on a dark mode for everything you do. This week I came across a new one that works specifically for Google Docs.


I love using Night Mode for apps and sites whenever possible. Darker colours are easier on your eyes, even during the daytime, and you can even save a little battery power on your laptop or smartphone by trading a bright white screen for something a little more subdued.


In most situations, YouTube's white background is just fine. However, when you're sitting in a dark room watching videos, that white background can feel like you're looking into the sun (which we all know is a no-no thanks to the upcoming eclipse).

If you're a frequent late-night YouTube watcher, there's actually a hidden dark mode you can turn on that transforms all that white into black, giving your eyes a much-needs rest and transforming your YouTube experience into something a bit more cinema like.