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Do you ever find it hard to tell what's a racist term you should avoid using and what's an endearing term for someone from a certain country? Generally you should err on the side of not using terms you're unsure about, but there's one that's been proven to be fair game: Kiwi. The South Australian Employment Tribunal made this ruling this week, concluding that calling someone from New Zealand a 'Kiwi' doesn't constitute racial discrimination or harassment.


Driven bonkers by the current state of Australian politics and want to start over in New Zealand where things look a bit saner? Here's what you need to know about emigrating to our neighbours on the other side of the Tasman.


The latest World Happiness Report has just been released by the United Nations. The top ten was dominated by Northern Europe, with Norway taking out the top spot. The only countries in the Southern Hemisphere to make the cut were New Zealand and Australia - with the former beating the latter. That's right: Kiwis are officially happier and have better lives than their Antipodean neighbours.


Weta Digital. You may have heard of this visual effects company based in Wellington, New Zealand. It's co-owned by Peter Jackson and most famous for doing the digital special effects work for the Lord of the Rings trilogy, Avatar and many more films. It is by far one of the most successful businesses to have come out of New Zealand and one of the factors that contribute to its success is it's willingness to go the extra mile for its clients. Sounds cliché but one Weta executive explains why it's worth doing so.