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iOS: Your GPS and 3G connection drain your battery faster than anything else, so if you can avoid using either for navigation purposes you can avoid a dead iPhone. Crowsflight sets a plan for the places you want to go, downloads the relevant maps, and only uses your compass to help you reach your destination.


Apple Maps bites right now, so it makes sense that other iOS mapping providers are pushing out updates. I'm not sure the addition of celebrity voices (in the form of Dame Edna Everage, Jennifer Hawkins and Nick Giannopolous) is going to convince too many people to download the latest version of the Whereis app, but even if you don't fancy a 'Wog Boy' moment in the car, it's a solid (and free) turn-by-turn navigation app.


Android: You'll soon be able to preload Google Maps on your Android phone and save on your data allowance, according to an announcement today by Google. Offline Google Maps means you can navigate when travelling abroad or get directions when you don't have reception.


Android: Turn-by-turn navigation Waze updated today to include an entirely new UI that minimises buttons and tools, so that they're all accessible under one spring-out on-screen menu. Maps are now easier to navigate, so you can easily spin around and navigate with one hand, and there is also new location-based information from services like Yelp and FourSquare.


Even if you've lived in a city for a few years you're bound to get lost or disorientated now and again. A new study in Psychological Science reveals the easiest way to reorientate yourself and find your way is to face north and visualise the map.


I just moved to a new city, and while Android's navigation function has been invaluable to getting me where I need to go, I've realised that I still don't know anything about how the city is laid out, nor can I take a simple drive to my friend's house, which I've been to many times, without my GPS directing me. If your sense of direction is similarly lacking and you want a more intuitive understanding of your city, here are a few things you can do to rid yourself of that GPS dependency and actually learn your way around.