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Google has announced a somewhat limited and ad -supported version of YouTube Music. Pitched directly at the owners of smart speakers and other similar devices, Google is trying to ensure it doesn't become a bit player as Spotify, Soundcloud and iHeartRadio dominate the streaming music business.


The second weekend of Coachella is happening now in the California desert. We just happen to be on the other side of the world, but you can still catch some of the action.


Winamp is ready to make its triumphant return to your desktop - and your tablet, and your smartphone. Of course what most people don't realise is that Winamp never really went away, people just stopped using it because there were better options on the market. Now it's being redesigned for the modern media age.

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Spotify just revamped its free tier, which means you get more than ever before without actually having to pay anything — (some) on-demand playlists on mobile, unlimited skips (on a few playlists) and personalised recommendations to more accurately reflect your tastes. So does it make Spotify Premium a waste of money?


Spotify might be the default choice for many when it comes to streaming music, but it doesn't hurt to try out other options, especially if you can do so without spending a cent. If you want to give Deezer a go, you can get three whole months of premium access free right now.


Although vinyl seems to be making a hipster-generated comeback, that old CD collection is nearing obsoletion. The rise and rise of music streaming services might be destroying physical media sales, but man, it makes my life super easy. Spotify, Apple Music... Pandora? Which streaming service is the best?