• What’s the Best Way to Keep Mozzies Away?

    What’s the Best Way to Keep Mozzies Away?

    Summer can be hot and sticky. And insect repellent creams, lotions, and sprays can make it stickier. Stopping mosquito bites is key to avoiding itchy bumps and mosquito-borne disease. Thankfully, there are several methods can you try – and some things to avoid – for a mozzie bite-free summer. Topical insect repellents are safe and…

  • ‘Mosquito Repellent’ Apps Don’t Work

    For decades we’ve been able to buy devices that play noises that are supposed to repel mosquitoes, and for just as many decades they have been completely useless. Now, instead of buying a device, you can now download an app. Guess what? It still won’t work.