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After going to tender, the ACCC has appointed SamKnows to deliver the Measuring Broadband Program that the regulator saying they will test speeds across 4000 homes over three years. The first half of those installations will happen next year with the first data expected at the end of the first quarter of 2018.


Dear Lifehacker, I often see home security cameras on sale -- even ALDI has them occasionally. But before I buy one, I'm wondering if it's legal to rig one up. What's the law about surveillance in and around the home, and does it vary from state to state? Thanks, Spyman


Windows: If you're worried that some application may be eating into your bandwidth in the background, or you just want to keep closer tabs on the bandwidth your computer is using, NetSpeedMonitor is a handy systray utility that lives in your taskbar. It shows you active upload and download speeds, which applications are using your network connection and what their endpoints are.