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Wearables may be gaining traction in global markets, especially in Australia, but it's a cut-throat business. Case in point: the Microsoft Band is no more. Despite investing millions into establishing the wearables line, Microsoft has confirmed it will not be releasing a Band 3 this year. The company has also been trying to get rid of remaining stock of the Microsoft Band 2. We take a look at the Microsoft Band's rocky history that led to its ultimate demise.


The Microsoft Band 2 is a Windows-flavoured fitness wearable designed to work with Android, iOS and Windows Phone devices. It provides all the tracking options of a high-end fitness band and some of the functionality of a smartwatch. We've been using the product for the past two weeks and have since promoted it to our fitness band of choice -- despite some foibles.


With the original Microsoft Band never seeing release in Australia, the Band 2 is going to be our first glimpse of Microsoft's wearable technology. While it can access email, messages and call alerts, the Band is far more fitness tracker than smartwatch, unlike Apple or Samsung's wearable offerings. So is there any advantage to getting the Microsoft Band 2 over one of the forerunners of the industry like the Fitbit or one of Garmin's fitness trackers?