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Gather round the TV and use your phones as controllers in the Jackbox party games, a collection of fast-paced, quick-witted games that let you laugh with (or at) your friends. Kind of like Cards Against Humanity except the fun lasts for more than five minutes.

You can pick up a giant pile of these games for your next get-together with the latest Humble Bundle for a pittance.


Parenting, I am learning, is like being the belayer to a roped rock climber — you have to know when to hold on tight and when to give some slack. (No, I’m not a rock climber myself, but I once took an intro class using a Groupon.)

You want to make sure your kids are safe and not making bonehead decisions, but you can’t follow them around throughout their lives, whispering, “Eh, you sure about that move there, buddy?” For them to reach new heights, sometimes you have to let go.


iOS: People generally tend to pick one mapping app for their phones and stick with it, but there are times you might need to pull up another app on your iPhone — perhaps you need to CarPlay your directions instead of having the Google Assistant shout them out.


Running a game of Dungeons & Dragons, or any tabletop role-playing game, involves telling your players what they see. Players rely on you to give a sense of tone and ambience, but also to point out anything interesting or relevant to their quest. But they also need you to leave them room to ask and explore. A good game master learns how to describe a scene in enough, but not too much, detail.

One way to learn that skill, says redditor non_player on r/RPG, is to turn audio descriptions on when watching movies and TV shows.


There's something aesthetically pleasing about a perfectly formed hamburger patty; especially when it has those little symmetrical grill marks. However, it turns out that smashing your patty during the cooking process actually imparts more flavour. Check out the video to see how it's done.


Letters are being sent out to Australian taxpayers who have fallen foul of the ATO's data-matching system. Don't fret if you get one.

Receiving one of these letters doesn't mean that the taxman is coming to to destroy your existence - it just means that something doesn't line up with your tax return and you're being given a chance to fix it.


24 years ago, Amazon was a humble online bookstore operating out of some guy's garage. Today, it's one of the world's largest companies with an annual net sales revenue of $177.7 billion. This has made its CEO Jeff Bezos the richest person on Earth by a considerable margin.

A large part of Amazon's growth can be attributed to intelligent hiring practices. Indeed, Bezos once cited talented employees as "the single most important element" of Amazon's success. He also once sent a memo to Amazon execs requiring them to consider three questions before offering someone for a job - which are relevant to all workplaces.


Foxtel is introducing a dedicated 4K channel to broadcast live sports, documentaries and more. The good news for cricket boffins is that the channel will be up and running in time for the Australia vs South Africa one day international on November 4 - Australia's first live 4K broadcast.


When you own a dog, giving them a walk quickly becomes part of your daily routine. Sometimes you want to mix things up, to let Rover off their leash and have them roam more freely. That's not always allowed so we've found out where you can and cannot walk your dog off-leash around Australia.

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Remember a time when you paid for your music, and your movies, and your software with a one-off payment rather than a recurring subscription fee debited from your bank account each month? Those times are fading into history for most of us. Subscriptions are now king and practically inescapable.


Renting sucks. Finding an affordable place sucks. Finding a place that will accept your application sucks. Not least of all, being at the mercy of Australia's fractured internet landscape and gambling on what sort of connection - if any - your new home will have sucks.

Now you can search for NBN ready properties to make the process suck a little less.


iOS: The words “Apple” and “free” are a bit like oil and water — just ask anyone who works at the company and doesn’t get to partake in the Silicon Valley custom of free lunches and dinners for all. However, Father Cook is feeling generous this month, and Apple is offering up the excellent Obscura 2 camera app for free. Here’s how you get it (and save $7.99).


Usually when I load up a “biggest hits” playlist, I end up skipping half the tracks. I’m barely skipping anything on NPR’s new playlist, “The 200 Greatest Songs By 21st Century Women+”. Every song is good! Even the country songs! And the lead performers are all women or non-binary.

Highlights include “F**k the Pain Away” by Peaches, “Two Weeks” by FKA Twigs, “Drone Bomb Me” by Anohni, “Soy Yo” by Bomba Estéreo, “Help I’m Alive” by Metric, and “Good as Hell” by Lizzo. There are also megahits such as “Run Away With Me” and “Single Ladies”. This is real singalong stuff.