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Probiotics are beloved by many health-conscious folks. They fit that sweet spot between natural (always good, right?) and medical (must have health benefits). I get legit hate mail if I write anything less-than-glowing about probiotics.

One charming gentleman called me “fake news” and suggested I get my head out of my “pharma fog,” as if Big Pharma and other major corporations weren’t very into selling probiotics for money.


Even at our cleanest, we are covered in germs and we are full of germs. It's ok! That's totally normal. These microorganisms are essential to our health. You probably don't need to mess with them, but if you'd like to try, the terms to know are prebiotics and probiotics.


Sweaty clothes stink, but sweaty workout clothes stink worst of all. Like those synthetic-fibre leggings, those sweat-wicking socks, those "technical" tees? Phew. These fabrics are especially prone to harbouring the smelliest bacteria.


If you need a really last minute gift, try this nerdy card game you can print on card stock and play today. Gut Check, designed by microbiome researcher David Coil, pits your microbes against opponents': you can contract infections, take probiotics and watch antibiotic resistant genes spread through the population.