• How to Cope With Layoff Anxiety

    How to Cope With Layoff Anxiety

    Even people who absolutely love their job have to deal with at least occasional work-related stress and anxiety. And while plenty of companies like to talk about prioritising employees’ mental health and well-being, their actions often say otherwise — including maintaining an environment where the threat of layoffs is constant.

  • How to Overcome Medical Trauma

    How to Overcome Medical Trauma

    Medical trauma is defined as the psychological or physiological response to a traumatic experience in a medical setting. Some of the reasons people develop medical trauma can include going through a frightening or painful experience, like a complicated birth or major illness; experiencing medical malpractice, such as a botched surgery or harmful treatment; or being…

  • How to Recover From a Moral Injury

    How to Recover From a Moral Injury

    Most of us are familiar with post-traumatic stress disorder, or PTSD, which is triggered by witnessing or experiencing a traumatic event. A person suffering from PTSD will often experience a constellation of mental health symptoms, such as nightmares, flashbacks, severe anxiety, and uncontrollable memories of the incident. As psychologists are starting to discover, though, in…