• What To Tell Your Toddler Instead Of ‘No’

    If you parent a toddler, you probably say the word “no” a lot. It comes with the territory of caring for a being that is constantly doing things that are unsafe while also making frequent and repeated unreasonable requests. I am not advocating that we never tell our children “no.” Toddler-parenting very often calls for…

  • Intel Won’t Be Patching A Bunch Of CPUs For Spectre

    Intel has issued a statement saying several processor families will not be patched to overcome Variant 2 of the Spectre bug that was detected mid last year and made public just before Christmas. While the processor company has patched many of their processors, the road has been quite bumpy with some of the fixes making…

  • AV-TEST Finds Spectre And Meltdown Malware In The Wild

    Researchers at malware and security software testing company AV-TEST have discovered 139 samples of malware that “appear to be related to recently reported CPU vulnerabilities.” Although most of the samples they discovered seem to be based on proof-of-concept software created by security researchers the number of unique samples is on the rise.