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Free, open source application Boxee is a new media centre application for the Mac (and soon to be Linux and Windows). Based on the open source media centre application Xbox Media Centre, aka XBMC, which we've covered from it's humble beginnings on the Xbox classic to its move to your Mac and your thumb drive, Boxee completely reskins XBMC and adds a new social element. With Boxee, your local content seamlessly integrates with web content from sites like Last.fm and YouTube, and Boxee shares what you're watching, listening to, and liking with all of your friends.


You've turned your Windows PC into a media center powerhouse on the cheap, and everything's great while you're at home. You can watch live and recorded TV, schedule new recordings, or peruse your entire media library from the comfort of your couch. What if I told you that you could do the same thing from any computer, at home or away, and you didn't have to shell out for new equipment to do it? Forgot to schedule a game you don't want to miss? Want to catch up on last week's episode on your laptop or even your cell phone? With the free Media Center add-on WebGuide, you can extend your Windows Media Center to any browser (including mobile browsers), so no matter where you are, you can take the convenience of Media Center with you.


Windows only: Freeware application DVRMSToolbox analyses Media Center-recorded files and marks the start and end point of commercials so you can quickly skip over commercials and go straight to the content. Similar to previously mentioned Lifextender in its commercial skipping capabilities, DVRMSToolbox keeps your files in tact and marks the commercials instead of deleting them entirely (like Lifextender does) so there's less chance of an inadvertant cut. In addition, DVRMSToolbox can convert DVR-MS files (the default recording type of Media Center) to MPEG or WMV files for portability to other devices and other useful features. For a simple guide to getting started with DVRMSToolbox's commercial detection, check out CyberNet's introduction. This Media Center favourite is freeware, Windows only.