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I’ve always been a fan of pre-travel planning, to the point that I build a packing grid before every trip. The packing grid includes outfit components for every day of travel (based on predicted weather and activity), as well as a list of essentials that I don’t want to leave behind: Advil, Band-Aids, my Fitbit charger and so on.


The circumstances surrounding death are always a surprise. Even when it isn't sudden, when it has been expected for weeks - months, even - there is always the shock of absence and loss, and the overwhelming feeling that comes with all of the details that need to be tended to while in the throes of grief.

It's in those moments that people tend to neglect their own well being, as self-care often ends up as a last priority after taking care of children and sorting out funeral arrangements.


Like most guys of a certain vintage, I have mixed feelings about my body. Staying lean and not surrendering to the siren’s call of the dreaded 'Dadbod' is a key concern. But then so is building and maintaining enough muscle so that I can keep up with the young bucks on the soccer field or in the gym.

One of the main keys to success is your diet. You need a meal plan that's high in healthy carbs, fats and proteins. More importantly, it needs to be easy to prepare and affordable - so you'll actually stick to it.


When preparing a "square" meal - you know, the kind with a protein and at least two sides - I rarely struggle with the actual cooking. I can cook a chicken, mash some potatoes, and roast a pan of broccoli without any issue. But timing it all so everything ends up on the table simultaneously - hot and ready - is what gives me trouble.


Meal planning should be simple, but it's not always easy. Ideally, you make a big batch of meals on Sunday that last you the entire week. Maybe you have things to do on Sunday. Maybe you just don't feel like making five to seven days' worth of meals at once. Here's an easier option: Prep marinade instead.


Whether you're on a specific diet or just want to ensure that you have better options than fast food as you head into the great unknown, bringing healthy food with you is always an option. It's easier than it sounds, if you know a few tricks.