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Koala.com has steadily built a name for itself as one of Australia's best online bedding brands. Its mattresses promote vertical body weight distribution via a comfort layer of open-cell K-4 foam.

In addition to mattresses, the company also sells complete bedding solutions, including bed bases, pillows, sheets and bedding bundles - and you can currently score 15% off the lot!


One of the most frustrating parts of moving into a new home or apartment is the furniture Tetris you have to play in order to squeeze all your big items around tight corners and stairways. Box springs can be particularly pesky, but they're so simply constructed that you can partially cut them in half.


Buying a new mattress is never easy. You need to factor in your sleeping style, the sleeping style of your partner, whether you prefer softness or firmness and optional features like pillowed tops and memory foam -- all within the confines of your budget. We asked an expert to answer some common customer queries ranging from back pain remedies to the best mattress for frequent nooky. Plus: the three essential principles to follow when buying a new bed.