• Mastercheap Raw Day 7: Saying No Is Hard

    I’m seated at a media launch at Otto Ristorante, one of Sydney’s more exclusive restaurants. Options on the menu include eye fillet of Angus reserve beef and red wine rigatoni with a pork sausage ragu and buffalo ricotta. It’s all utterly tempting, and that’s before the waiter recites the specials. But I’m not paying attention,…

  • Mastercheap Raw Day 4: Flavours, Savers

    Day 4 of Mastercheap Raw. Past the halfway point. This can’t be called suffering. I’m eating three meals a day and getting plenty of vegetables and protein. But at this stage, the notion that “doing it yourself” delivers better results is not convincing. For that to be true, you need a bigger budget. And one…

  • Mastercheap Raw Day 1: Prep, Pasta, Punish

    The Mastercheap Raw experiment has begun! I’ve spent my $25 and it’s time to start actually cooking and eating. How much advance preparation am I going to need, and how will I cope with going to a fully-catered event on the very first day?