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Didn't you think Mark Zuckerberg is tall? According to a 2010 New Yorker profile, he's "only around five feet eight, but he seems taller, because he stands with his chest out and his back straight, as if held up by a string." Wired writer Graham Starr thinks Zuck seems tall for another reason: He stages his photos to exaggerate his height.


After ten hours of testimony to representatives of the US Congress, and having his speaking notes "leaked", Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg can get back to business. But the last two days have proven one thing - the US government (and I suggest all governments) are clueless about what to do about a virtual country that has a population of about 2.2 billion people that is "governed" by a young man who has shown himself to be clueless about how to deal with the significant privacy issues his college-project-gone-wild has created.