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Mushrooms are the meatiest vegetable — both in texture and flavour — which is why it shouldn’t be surprising that they take quite well to a marinade. And, unlike meat, the sponge-like ‘shrooms absorb flavour fast, which is always good news for the impatient.


The success of a meal plan can only be judged by the percentage of it that’s consumed. It may sound obvious, but the execution of a good meal plan requires planning meals you are excited to eat. Picking the right proteins, vegetables and sides is important, but picking the right condiments — I’m talking sauces, marinades and pickled things — is even more so.


No matter what your local Grilling Enthusiast Bro says, marinade mixology ain't rocket science. At a bare minimum, all you need is a good bit of salt, probably some fat, and a smidgen of acid for basic flavour enhancement and tenderising action. Sweet, spicy and/or funky elements are optional, but never unwelcome.