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Things weren’t looking promising. Less than two miles into the 42km run, my hastily scoffed pre-race breakfast – one banana, one sachet of Justin’s nut butter and two glasses of milk – was starting to re-appear in my mouth. I was also feeling decidedly delicate in my stomach.



This past Sunday I completed the LA Marathon. It was a gruelling 42km battle between me and my own body that I can only sum up as the toughest challenge I've ever overcome. If you've thought about running one yourself, here are some things I learned that might help you go the distance.


With any marathon or long distance run, not only is physical preparation important but it is also crucial to prepare mentally for the gruelling number of miles. Because running a marathon is not just about the body – the mind also matters quite a bit as well.


There's one workout that every endurance runner should be running. This "bread and butter" workout is the almighty tempo run. Tempo runs are beneficial for virtually every runner -- from milers to marathoners, tempos are nearly ubiquitous.