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Along with a stack of new software announcements, as you'd expect from a developer conference, Apple used the platform of WWDC to unveil two new pieces of hardware; the long awaited Mac Pro and a high anticipated display, the Pro Display XDR. But you'll need to save your pennies as these new additions to Apple's hardware range won't come cheap.


Researchers and rumour-mongers have been trawling their contacts, trying to piece together Apple's roadmap for 2019. And while the Cupertino tech and media powerhouse has been pretty quiet when it comes to radically new products, it seems that 2019 will be a big year with several new products and substantial upgrades. Here's what we can expect.


If you're waiting for Apple's next generation Mac Pro, you're going to have to be patient. After ditching the the previous "revolutionary" model as a result of some design decisions that didn't play out as expected, Apple was forced into dropping their high-end system and boosting the iMac line with the iMac Pro. But the all new Mac Pro, which was announced a year ago and anticipated this year, isn't coming till 2019.


Apparently Apple product development has been taking cues from Monty Python, declaring the Mac Pro is not dead, it's just resting. A new Mac Pro is coming although we'll have to wait till 2018 when a new design, that is more easily upgradable, will debut. It's a rare admission, I think, of an instance where elegant design has gotten in the way of function by Jony Ives' team.