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Apple's Mac mini is a strange beast. For four years, it was seemingly abandoned by Apple who left it there running on older processor, storage and memory tech. But, for those using one, it proved a reliable, compact and quiet workhorse. But it was in dire need of some love and Apple finally updated it. The new model brings the Mac mini into 2018 while retaining much of what made people happy.


At Apple’s big October event today, the Mac-maker announced revamped versions of three products, two of which haven’t received this kind of treatment in a long time. Apple has only made the slightest upgrades to the Macbook Air since it was last redesigned in 2013, and there hasn’t been a new Mac Mini since 2014. There’s also a new and interesting update to the iPad Pro, if you’re looking for a device that straddles the line between laptop and tablet.

Everyone knows that the iPhone is the crown jewel in Apple’s lineup of products, but its second wave of announcements was nothing to sneeze at, either. Here’s the rundown.


Apple just announced a suite of new computers — new iPad Pros, Mac Minis, and a new Macbook Air. (We’re very excited about that last one). All of these shiny chrome devices are coming soon, hitting stores next Wednesday, November 7. Conventional wisdom dictates waiting for reviews before picking up new gear, but maybe you’ve been waiting to pick up your next tablet or laptop and want to pre-order it now.


Ming-Chi Kuo from TF International Securities has a solid track record at predicting what Apple is planning. His success is based on looking at supply chain information and tracking what's going on in the Asian manufacturing hubs Apple use to produce all the gear that bears the "Designed in California" tagline. This time around, Kuo says almost every product will be revised including the Mac mini which is closing in on four years since it was updated. So, what can Apple fans look forward to this year?


The Mac mini's latest release was over 1000 days ago. That's over two years since the incredibly small and lovable machine got some love, and aeons in the PC industry when it comes to updates. If you have your own Mac mini you adore and want to keep alive, a little know-how, some extra components and a few dongles are all you need to keep it up and running until the next Mac mini debuts... whenever it damn well pleases, really.