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The Beatles single “Hey Jude”, the band’s longest-running #1 hit, turns 50 on Sunday. Paul McCartney wrote it for John’s son Julian Lennon, about dealing with John’s affair with Yoko Ono and separation from Jules’s mother Cynthia. But Paul’s advice is broad enough that every fan can read their own meaning into it. (John, being John, felt that the song was actually for him.)

Here’s what we read into it, and relevant Lifehacker posts on how to make it better.


Dear Lifehacker, I was adding some new songs to my iPod, and was wondering if there was an easier way to add song lyrics to all my songs (so that i can sing along on my iPod later) rather than the traditional copy and paste method. Any options on Windows or Mac?


Mac only: If you're going to warble along with your favourite song, make sure you get the words right. Get Lyrical is a free app that automatically displays the lyrics of whatever song is playing in iTunes.


Windows only: iTunes Lyrics Importer makes sure the lyrics for your iTunes-managed music collection are updated and free from gaps. iTunes Lyrics Importer polls Lyricwiki's extensive database to make sure you have an accurate and well stocked catalog of lyrics for your favourite songs. The application is simple to use, and the initial run will fill in any missing lyrics in your existing collection. From there on, any time you add new music (or whenever you remember to update), run iTunes Lyrics Importer to rescan your collection and update the new songs. You can specify whether you want it to automatically update the lyrics, or ask for your approval and allow for edits—a handy feature if you have obscure or foreign language songs and incorrect guesses are likely. iTunes Lyrics Importer is freeware, Windows only. Thanks Mark!

iTunes Lyrics Importer


Windows/Mac/Linux: Free application AutoLyrix automatically fetches and displays album artwork and lyrics for the currently playing track in your music player of choice. AutoLyrix is an open-source alternative to previously mentioned EvilLyrics, and like EvilLyrics, it not only downloads lyrics but also advances lyrics karaoke-style with the music when possible. AutoLyrix could use some polish to the interface (though it does transparency and has a few other options), but functionally it's been working really well. The app works with virtually every popular media player, including iTunes, Winamp, Windows Media Player, foobar2000, Last.fm, MediaMonkey, and more. AutoLyrix is a free download for all platforms, requires .NET 2.0 on Windows and Mono on OS X and Linux.



Mac OS X only: As its name suggests, free application DesktopLyrics automatically embeds lyrics on your desktop to the song you're currently listening to in iTunes. It's a simple app that does exactly what it says, but what it doesn't do is actually download lyrics—meaning that if you don't have the lyrics already embedded in the song's metadata, DesktopLyrics won't display anything. Luckily previously mentioned GimmeSomeTune automatically does just that (along with album art and other great features), so working in tandem these two apps make for a killer music desktop. DesktopLyrics is freeware, Mac OS X only. Windows users, check out previously mentioned MiniLyrics.


Mac OS X only: Free iTunes add-on GimmeSomeTune automatically fetches missing album artwork, lyrics, and automatically embeds them in your music library. GimmeSomeTune runs in the background, and in addition to the metadata tools, it also supports scrobbling your music to Last.fm, universal hotkeys, iChat status updates, and even Apple Remote control. Apart from all that, GimmeSomeTune is also an excellent iTunes desktop remote, complete with a fully customisable song notification window. The donationware GimmeSomeTune is a must-have for the iTunes lover, Mac OS X only.



Windows only: The MiniLyrics plug-in automatically downloads and displays lyrics for the currently playing song for a handful of the most popular media players. With support for everything from iTunes and Windows Media Player to Winamp and MediaMonkey, MiniLyrics fetches lyrics and—when possible—plays them back karaoke-style. The interface is completely skinnable, and you're likely to find a skin matching your preferred media player. You can also view floating lyrics in big red text for large, line-by-line playback of lyrics in time with the song. Not bad for a little impromptu karaoke or just a quick glance at the lyrics of a song. MiniLyrics is nagware, Windows only. For alternatives, check out previously mentioned EvilLyrics or the Lyrics Plugin. Thanks Lekan!