• ‘Natural’ Skincare Is a Lie

    ‘Natural’ Skincare Is a Lie

    Adding manufactured substances to our skin is pretty unnatural, when you think about it. Even the most “natural” skincare products have their ingredients extracted, chemically formulated, and processed in some sort of industrial facility. It’s become popular to call some commercial skincare products “clean” or “natural” in contrast to others, but the terms actually don’t…

  • This Basic Skincare Routine Won’t Overwhelm You

    This Basic Skincare Routine Won’t Overwhelm You

    As someone who has done little more than wash with Target-brand face cleanser and use $6 Suave lotion on my face for the better part of four decades, when it comes to skincare, I’m a newbie. Through a mix of cluelessness, willful ignorance, and a little luck, I didn’t need to understand proper skincare or…