Lightroom On iOS Now Lets You Shoot DNG RAW Photos

iOS: Adobe’s Lightroom Mobile 2.5 for iOS can now capture high-quality photos in their Digital Negative (DNG) format with the in-app camera. Your iPhone and iPad photos are about to look a whole lot better.

Quickly Fix Shiny Skin In Your Photos Using Photoshop Or Lightroom

Video: Anyone who takes pictures of people on any kind of regular basis has had to deal with portraits or other photos where the people in them look a little shiny. Maybe they’re a little sweaty, or lighting is to blame, but either way it’s an easy fix in either…

Your Video Card Could Be Slowing Down Adobe Lightroom

Your Video Card Could Be Slowing Down Adobe Lightroom

It seems obvious that the graphics chip on your video card would be better at handling pixels than your CPU. For certain tasks, that’s definitely the case. No surprise then that Adobe has built hardware acceleration into its suite of products for years, with Lightroom the latest recipient. For some…