• How to Make (and Use) Sofrito

    How to Make (and Use) Sofrito

    Before you get a chance to taste your dinner, you smell it. The aromatic ingredients in any recipe spotlight and complement the main components, adding interest and layers of flavour. Without aromatics, dishes can seem one-note and forgettable. To elevate your savoury dishes, start with your nose. Build up flavour with sofrito.

  • You Must Make Empanada Chips and Dip

    You Must Make Empanada Chips and Dip

    Empanadas are absolute works of art. It’s true that I feel this way about all filled carb pockets, but that doesn’t diminish the savoury perfection of the empanada. Even better, I’m happy to report that all of the empanada’s mouthwateringly meaty, salty, and crunchy characteristics convert seamlessly into chip and dip form, and it’s a…