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Like any community in the world, people who play video games have collaboratively created their own language and slang. Many of these words are international, but different languages have different ways of talking about play.

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Last year, I spent a chunk of time playing around with different browsers. Microsoft Edge, much to much dismay, got a run for a couple of weeks. I mucked around with the early days of the Firefox Quantum beta. And then, just like everyone else, I went back to Chrome.

But even though I returned to the home of Google, I've still been angling for something different. And over the last few weeks, I found myself using Firefox more and more, until the browser finally became my default option across all platforms.


Don't you feel like all the recent pop culture fervour of the last decade has been strongly zombie-related? The fact that The Walking Dead is in its eighth season tells you all you need to know, but there was also World War Z and all sorts of zombie-related video games.

Sure, we've had Pirates of the Caribbean but, where's all the great pirate stuff?

I'll tell you where! It's stuffed in Sea of Thieves.


One of the big benefits of online shopping is that you can avoid the Australia tax and buy goods at a lower price. But what happens when a manufacturer tries to cut off access to those overseas sites? Over at Kotaku, Mark has a great feature on how tabletop gaming company Games Workshop is trying to eliminate online sales from anywhere other than its own site, and the nasty side effects that is having on local bricks-and-mortar retailers. Worth a read.


If you've ever suspected that the way big companies behave has absolutely nothing to do with making life better for consumers, the analysis of what happened this week with the release date for the 3DS version of Ocarina Of Time by Mark at our sibling site Kotaku will confirm your worst suspicions. It's a great read and I can't recommend it highly enough.


Anyone who has ever lived in the same space as another human being or, more specifically, shared a single television with a loved one, understands the situation. A brand new game comes out. You want to play that game. Your partner/sibling/parents want to watch TV. All hell breaks loose. I'm here to tell you I have a solution - and that solution is 'banking'.