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When your friends express hurt feelings over something you deem trivial, it is appropriate to take the piss out of them by miming a violin performance. If you want to take your mockery to the next level, this video tutorial explains how to make tiny violins out of paddle pop sticks.


Not all comedy podcasts are just people doing bits with Scott Aukerman or helping Marc Maron process his failed SNL audition. Some of them study comedy and how it works, intentionally enough that you can learn from them. Here are four great podcasts that can make you funnier.


At the turn of the century, the world's leading companies discovered this newfangled thing called the internet. Ever since, there has been an endless procession of PR stunts masquerading as April Fools' gags come April 1. As annual traditions go, it's somewhere between ostentatious Christmas lights and Talk Like A Pirate Day on the annoyance scale.

Most of their output is pretty groan worthy - but among the lame jokes and cynical hard sells are a few genuinely inspired creations. Some perfectly skate the line between ludicrous and plausible while others are just plain funny. Here are the best fake ads and products of 2018 so far.