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Yesterday the Windows folks had their chance to show off their favourite system tray apps, so now it's the Mac users' turn. That means it's time to give us a closer look at your menu bar—the applications you regularly run on the top right of your Mac next to your clock and Spotlight. Hit the jump for more details and the detailed submission guidelines.


I made this discovery a while ago, but it's always nice to share.

If you've ever played NetHack, ADOM or Angband, then you have a fair idea of what to expect from Dweller. It's essentially a roguelike you can play on your mobile, as long as it has enough horsepower to run it.

There are two versions available: one with graphic tiles (pictured here), and the other with more traditional ASCII. Sufficed to say, the ASCII version stands a better chance of running without a hitch.

When you're bored on the train, it sure beats the heck out of Solitaire.



The delightfully titled blog, Web Two-Point Whatever has a roundup of social news, networking and bookmarking sites Romlet, Peopleized, Plime and Shoutwire.
Like me, you may be a bit Web 2.0-d out at the moment, but as the author says:
"There are...compelling reasons to look at newer beta and/or less well known sites. Some sites provide new services or features, or recombine old ones in unique ways. Others compliment or build on the functions of existing social media or other sites."

4 Up-and-Coming Social News, Networking and Bookmarking Sites You Should Know


TechCrunch tells us that Twitter has added search and GMail import to its service, and launched a toolbox called "Explore" where they'll list tools people can use to interact with Twitter offsite. They're also releasing a visualisation tool called Twitter Blocks.
New Twitter Visualization Tools Coming: First Is Twitter Blocks

CNET's reported that Netvibes has gone mobile - for real this time. Users no longer need to create a 'mobile' tag to push content to their phones. There are two new mobile apps - one lightweight one for Windows phones, another more fully-featured for Apple's iPhone.

Netvibes goes mobile, for real this time