Ask LH: How Much Are My Vintage Earrings Worth?

Ask LH: How Much Are My Vintage Earrings Worth?

Dear Lifehacker, I was wondering if you can help me appraise some gold stud earrings I wish to sell? They’re jadelite cream with a vintage apple design. Each piece has 11 diamonds on the back totaling 22. I can see hallmarks but can’t quite make them out. I don’t know…

How To Sell Your Used Jewellery For Cash

When you need a little extra cash, digging through your jewellery box isn’t a bad place to start. But should you go to a gold buyer or hit up a pawn shop? Here’s how to get the best prices for your shiny goods.

Use A Pencil Eraser As An Earring Back In A Pinch

Losing an earring back is annoying enough, but if you have no idea where it went, you’re stuck. If you have a pencil handy, you have an easy way to put your earring back in — at least until you can find a replacement earring back.