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It’s tech security PSA time. A recent story in The New York Times provided fascinating insight into the ongoing evolution and expansion of fake tech support scams. The “classic” routine, where a window pops onto your computer screen offering technical support for a “virus” or other urgent problem you didn’t know about, has not only stayed in circulation — it’s a growth industry.


If you’re considering a job in information technology, or want to progress your current IT career, you’re likely onto a lucrative gig.

Jobs in IT are often ranked some of the most in-demand in Australia -- and they're also among the best paid.

So what do you need to get ahead? It’s not as simple as turning up and collecting your six-figure salary.


The say nothing is more certain that death and taxes. And, if you're the ATO, public outages that garner lots of attention can be added to that list. At the Technology in Government conference taking place over the next couple of days in Canberra, the ATO's Chief Digital Officer, John Dardo, told the audience that a number of changes are coming.