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Dear Lifehacker, I moved from Melbourne to Brisbane three years ago and managed to survive not having a job for three months thanks to saving a small fortune before I moved. I'm now planning on moving back from Brisbane to Melbourne later this year. How can you go about looking for a new job or get job interviews when you're two states away? Thanks, Mobile Hunter


Dear Lifehacker, How can I go about getting a new job when I have a mortgage? It's a very fine line, matching income to expenditure! I want a job that I enjoy (more than I do my current one, at least) but switching careers would probably mean a pay cut which would make meeting the mortgage repayments impossible. How would you go about finding a new career without getting five roommates or relying on lady-luck? Thanks, Job Switcher


Hi Lifehacker, I am a major geek and love fixing friends' laptops and phones and designing stuff for them. I've been asked to design a website for a company; I'm only a novice with HTML. How much should I charge to build them a website, considering it's my first time professionally? Thanks, Budding Builder