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With the release of the new iPad Air and iPad mini a couple of weeks ago, Apple has created an interesting conundrum for anyone looking to buy a new iPad. There is substantial overlap when it comes to screen sizes, spec and other features. So, how do you choose the best iPad for your needs?


Apple's iPad mini 5 finally made it to the market, over a thousand days after the previous model was released. And while on the outside it looks just like its predecessor, much has changed under the covers. An improved display, support for the Apple Pencil and a significant performance boost courtesy of Apple's latest processor gives strength to the old saying that you can't judge a book by its cover.


In a surprising move, given Apple has scheduled a special event next week, the company has released updates to the iPad Air and iPad mini. Although the Air has seen some updates, it's been well over 1000 days since the iPad mini has seen any love. Here's what's coming.


It's been four years since Apple refreshed the iPad mini 4. In that time the company has released four upgrades to its A series processor family as well as stronger AI support, better security with FaceID, USB-C connectivity in the latest iPad Pro and the Apple Pencil. But the mini has been stuck back in the technological Dark Ages. That might change in the next few weeks as rumours suggest a new iPad mini will be announced.


Perhaps one of the most surprising things to come from Cupertino in 2018 was the resurrection of the Mac mini. But it looks like the first half of 2019 will see the reanimation of another mini. The iPad mini has been languishing in abandonment land for a while but the word from Apple's supply chain is that an updated iPad mini will appear along with a refreshed iPad with a larger 10-inch display.