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iOS: Some people become karaoke gods the minute they pick up a microphone, leaving us mere mortals to wonder how they managed to summon Freddie Mercury from an astral plane. Others... need a little practice. While there isn't one app that will make you the next Australian Idol overnight, Tone (iOS, free) is a great app for practising basic note recognition and tricky intervals.


I really hate running. I've always hated running. Every time I decide to give running a try (again), I think about how much I'd rather be biking, lifting heavy things, or doing anything else (except squats). However, when I do go running, I use the free C25k app to try and guide me toward longer and better runs.


If you've just finished a sprint and are totally out of breath, is it ok to slump over with your hands on your knees? It's a natural position for many athletes, but some of us remember coaches telling us we'll get more air if we stand up tall and raise our arms up high.